Advanced Technology Group
in the Corporate Strategy Office

Career Opportunities

As part of the office of the CTO, the NetApp Advanced Technology Group (ATG) is a team of highly skilled professionals who are focused on exploring and evaluating the ideas, technologies, and trends that define the future of storage and data management.

With a start-up-like culture, our explorations often carry through to product incubations and influences that further enhance NetApp’s industry-leading product portfolio.

We continuously seek top talent to join our team as members of technical staff. These passionate individuals with a cutting-edge mindset aspire to affect the entire industry and to advancing NetApp’s thought leadership through technology research, evaluation, prototyping, incubation, IP creation, publications, standards, and university engagements. For more information on these thought leadership positions please download the PDF below.

Research Agenda

ATG members work on projects ranging from mid-term product problems to identifying new trends. Our collaborative idea pipeline enables every engineer to participate in defining the project portfolio.

Typical project topics include:

  • Cloud OS and technologies
  • Non-volatile memories
  • Scalable/distributed systems
  • Quality and supportability
  • Big data frameworks
  • Security and privacy
  • Storage for mobile and Internet of Things
  • Reliability and erasure coding


ATG members also participate in product incubation teams that build revolutionary new storage solutions for next-generation data centers. These projects use agile methodologies to build products from the ground up to the initial delivery to customers.

External Networking

To stimulate research and incubation, ATG members attend and publish at many top technical conferences.

We also enjoy a vibrant set of university relationships the give ATG members an opportunity to follow academic research projects and potentially to collaborate with academic institutions.

You can access a list of current open positions in ATG by visiting NetApp’s Career page.

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