Advanced Technology Group
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Collaboration Opportunities

The Advanced Technology Group is involved in many collaborative relationships with university researchers and leading-edge standardization groups. The goal of such collaboration is to increase the body of storage-related knowledge, and to promote the development of new innovative storage-related technologies.

Internships: ATG hosts graduate student interns to work on interesting and innovative projects with regular mentoring and collaboration from ATG engineers. Intern projects usually align the student’s interest with a current ATG project or trend and target publication in a top conference.  Positions are typically during the summer in the US, and for six months, twice a year in India.

Consortiums: ATG invests in university research consortiums where the agenda aligns with the interests of NetApp. Multi-year memberships allow  sustained support for a university’s research program to reach its more aggressive research goals. Support from NetApp takes the form of advising and collaborating, as well as financial funding. View ATG’s recent consortiums on the University Relationships page.

Grants: A NetApp Faculty Fellowship (NFF) is another way ATG supports university research. NFF grants are awarded based on a submitted proposal’s research merit, and NetApp’s interest in the proposed project. NFFs are typically one year engagements that involve funding, and have ATG members dedicated to follow the research progress and sometimes collaborate with the research team. Find more information on the NetApp Faculty Fellowship page.

University Day:  University Day (US) is an annual event sponsored by ATG. Taking advantage of the USENIX FAST conference,  ATG hosts a nearby half-day event the same week and invites university researchers, some graduate students and NetApp technical leaders to discuss some of the latest trends and issues that have or may impact the data management and storage industry. Typically, several speakers from the industry give non-confidential talks to get the conversation going among the attendees. Some of the past industry speakers have come from Amazon, Docker, Dreamworks, eBay, Equinix, Google, IBM, Intel, Intuit, Joyent, Netflix, Netskope, Seagate, and Zynga.

There is also an annual University Day (India) sponsored by ATG that brings together some of the leading storage researchers in India along with NetApp technical leaders to discuss the latest developments within the research community.

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To download a flyer about NetApp Faculty Fellowship opportunities please download the PDF below.