ATG creates and submits publications to various global technical conferences. Please see below for a current list of papers with authors from NetApp, including those from ATG.

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POTSHARDS: Secure Long-Term Storage Without Encryption

atc07_button.jpgMark W. Storer, Kevin M. Greenan, Ethan L. Miller, and Kaladhar Voruganti.

POTSHARDS is an archival storage system that provides long-term recoverable security for data with very long lifetimes by using provably secure secret splitting.

An Analysis of Latent Sector Errors in Disk Drives

Lakshmi N. Bairavasundaram, Garth R. Goodson, Shankar Pasupathy, and Jiri Schindler.

This paper presents one of the largest disk-drive studies ever—examining 1.53 million disk drives in the field—for occurrences and characteristics of latent sector errors; it finds that such errors are non-independent events, depend on the type of disk drive, and have spatial and temporal locality.

Data ONTAP GX: A Scalable Storage Cluster

fast07_button.jpgMichael Eisler, Peter Corbett, Michael Kazar, Daniel S. Nydick, and J. Christopher Wagner.

This paper presents Data ONTAP GX, a clustered Network Attached File server that is composed of a number of cooperating filers.

Enhancing the Linux Memory Architecture to Support File Systems over Heterogeneous Devices

Alexandros Batsakis, Randal Burns, Thomas Talpey, Arkady Kanevsky, and James Lentini.

The Private Lives of Disk Drives

Rajesh Sundaram

Making enterprise storage more search-friendly

Shankar Pasupathy, Garth Goodson, and Vijayan Prabhakaran.

Row-Diagonal Parity for Double Disk Failure Correction


Peter Corbett, Bob English, Atul Goel, Tomislav Grcanac, Steven Kleiman, James Leong, and Sunitha Sankar.

Implementation and Analysis of the User Direct Access Programming Library

James Lentini, Vu Pham, Steven Sears, and Randall Smith.

SnapMirror®: File System Based Asynchronous Mirroring for Disaster Recovery


Hugo Patterson, Stephen Manley, Mike Federwisch, Dave Hitz, Steve Kleiman, and Shane Owara.

Logical vs. Physical File System Backup

OSDI99.gifNorman C. Hutchinson, Stephen Manley, Mike Federwisch, Guy Harris, Dave Hitz, Steven Kleiman, and Sean O’Malley.

This paper compares logical and physical backup strategies in large file systems.