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Making QUIC Quicker with NIC Offload

Xiangrui Yang,National University of Defense Technology, CN; Lars Eggert, NetApp; Jörg Ott, Technical University of Munich,DE; Steve Uhlig, Queen Mary University of London, UK; Zhigang Sun, National University of Defense Technology, CN; Gianni Antichi, Queen Mary University of London, UK

ACM SIGCOMM 2020 Workshop on Evolution, Performance, and Interoperability of QUIC
August 2020
Online virtual conference

This paper aims at defining the right set of primitives a NIC shall expose to efficiently offload the QUIC protocol. Although previous
work already partially tackled this problem, it has only considered one specific aspect: the crypto module. We instead dissect different QUIC
kernel to userspace communication, the crypto module and the packet reordering algorithm are CPU hungry and often the cause of
application performance degradation. We use those findings to define an architecture for offloading QUIC and discuss the associated